Sunrise in the Craigieburn Range, at Craigieburn Valley Skifield.

Terms & Conditions

Here is some of our nitty gritty stuff in detail to digest:

Tow price includes nutcracker and towbelt which are both required for our surface tows. Nutcrackers and towbelt are available when buying your lift tickets, FREE to hire but we need to take a security deposit ($20 or a drivers licence). These are available from the ticket office, or you can use your own climbing harness or belt and purchase a nutcracker device at the ticket office. Also highly recommended is a leather glove protector, or leather gloves – both available for purchase at the ticket office. No half day rates are available. Affiliated club member pricing applies to those who are currently members of clubs affiliated with Craigieburn. Photo ID and proof of membership is required. For more information on affiliated clubs, see here. Student pricing applies to full-time New Zealand students only. Photo ID is required.
* Member of a Club affiliated with Craigieburn Valley Ski Club. Photo ID and proof of membership required.
** Full-time New Zealand students please supply their ID.

Please note:
No ski rental available on the mountain. We have no half day rates. We accept cash, eftpos, Visa and Mastercard. Payment by credit cards occurs a 2.5% surcharge.
Cancellation policies
Cancellation 21 days or more prior to the commencement date of booking: 90% refund less administration fee.
Cancellation between 21 days and 5 days prior to commencement date of booking: 50% refund less administration fee.
Cancellation within 5 days of commencement date of booking, or during the period of the booking: No refund will be given.
Group bookings of 10+ people are 100% NON refundable between 21 days and the commencement date of the booking. Bookings are transferable at management's discretion.

A refund will only apply where:
Booking is cancelled by management (Full refund).

No refund applies where:
The ski field is not open due to weather and/or snow conditions; or
The booking is terminated by the customer at any time prior to or after commencement date.

The Club has just renewed its liquor licence and during that process, we were reminded as part of our licence conditions that (BYO) liquor cannot be brought onto the licensed premises. The Club's licensed premises are defined as the bar and the dining area.
WIFI ACCESS and terms and conditions at Craigieburn Valley Ski Club
One of the many advantages of CV’s location is that we are isolated. To achieve broadband, we subscribe to the Starlink service. Wifi will be free to our guests. Access comes with some limitations and terms and conditions. To meet our Club Rules and Objectives, in particular 3.1.4, we prefer our Club Members and guests to socialise in the communal areas, and not spend excessive time on-line. 

Wi Fi Limitations
Please refer to Wifi poster in lodge for passwords and our Terms & Conditions below:
- We subscribe as a club but must not push the boundaries of usage and accessed content.
- There are occasional breaks in service, usually 2-3 seconds but sometimes up to 30sec.
- We have a good download speed up to 130M, but the more active users, the slower the access speed will be.
- Accessing and downloading of illegal, immoral, or questionable content, is strictly forbidden. This includes porn sites, torrent sites, dark web, to name a few.
- Detection of access to sites as previous stated, could result in immediate cancellation of tow ticket(s), season pass, accommodation booking(s), and/or Club membership and our Internet Service Provider monitors access to such illegal sites and our account may be disabled if questionable content is detected.
If you intend to operate a commercial venture of any nature at Craigieburn, please take the time to look at the Department of Conservation’s concession policy here.
Want to see a copy of club rules please click here.
Any queries please email us.

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