Snow riders going up the mountain in a chairlift

Steeps, Deeps, Ridges, Bowls and Guts. Lots of Guts.

Image of the towline at Craigieburn Ski field

Welcome to our playground, AKA, The Big One.

Don’t let the name fool you. We do a lot more than just ski here. Riding (boards, skis, bikes, whatever), hiking, maintaining the environment as active custodians, and building upon the Club's rich history. Not too shabby at all for a little non-profit community club!

For winter riding we best begin by recommending that you can already ride chairlift blue runs. As that is where Craigieburn starts - just without the chairlift. The towrope with a nutcracker and belt can be off-putting for even the gnarliest goofy rider. But it really shouldn’t. So long as you already know how to slide-well on snow we’ll help you get up and running.

The cosy slopeside accommodation is the seasonal home to a community of snow addicts from all over the globe who collectively share their stories over dinner after a day on the hill. Craigieburn is a non-profit, charitable organisation run by enthusiastic club members and even more dedicated seasonal staff. It exists solely for the purpose of skiing and snowboarding, not for commercial gain.

Please note that there are NO ski-hire facilities on the mountain. Keas like to eat rubber on cars so bring protection.

Click here for ticket prices or to find out about skiing cheaper by joining our club.

Here is a video on how to ride our nutcracker.

While the terrain is more suited for the intermediate to advanced skier / boarder, a competent beginner with a determined attitude will learn a lot in a day at Craigieburn. Three high capacity rope tows service a vertical rise of 500m. Terrain at Craigieburn Valley is varied, exciting and challenging with the infamous 600m vertical descent of Middle Basin (which is often compared to a heliskiing experience) accessible by an easy traverse from the tow.

First time users – a practise rope is set up at the Ticket Office, you will be shown the basics of getting onto a rope tow.  Then loading at the first tow; we will ensure a friendly staff or club member is available to help you.

Click here to read an article from Powderhounds.
There is no grooming except for the grooming that Mother Nature performs, so the ski area is all “off-piste”. Long runs resemble heli-ski runs when there is fresh powder. Heli-skiing at the price of a lift ticket - choice eh?

Of course Craigieburn doesn’t have the luxury of a helicopter, but rather a fairly primitive lift system. There are three nutcracker rope tows to transport snowboarders up steep pitches to cover 500 metres of vertical. The lifts are pretty fast, but the basic nature of them is great for keeping the crowds away. The major benefit of course is that there are more fresh tracks for those who are super keen (and super-fit).

First time users – a practise rope is set up at the Ticket Office, you will be shown the basics of getting onto a rope tow. Then loading at the first tow; we will ensure a friendly staff or club member is available to help you. Regular riders are facing the rope so it should be easier to load, you just need to be able to hold a strong edge. Goofy, a little harder but the staff can help with loading techniques.  If you are able to ride ‘switch’ this might be easier.
Unlike most New Zealand skiing, Craigieburn Ski Area straddles two distinct ridge lines and valleys and is well known for its hidden gems usually only the locals can find. This video gives a good idea of some of the terrain on offer at Craigieburn. Narrated by staff member Kyle Armstrong, he walks us through the layout of the ski area and gives away a few secret stashes. Click here to watch video. The Craigieburn Range is world-famous for its many hiking and ski-touring & side-country opportunities that lie beyond the patrolled area, including quick trips to Castle or North Middle Basin, both of which can be skied out to the lodge or to the access road 15 minutes walk from the access tow. Ski touring options further to North Middle or into Allan's Basin or Broken River are often a possible for a full day or overnight trips. See the New Zealand Alpine Club article on ski touring in the Craigieburn Range for more info. Travel in groups, know your Snowcraft, long-range weather forecasts, wear avalanche transceivers, and consult the skifield manager or field staff before departing.

We offer a ONE PASS RIDE for $25. See our page on ski touring in the Craigieburn Range for more info.
The Trail Guide for Craigieburn skifield

Craigieburn's terrain

Described as the ‘poor man’s heliskiing’, there sure is plenty of terrain to explore here. Three high-capacity rope tows service two basins with a vertical rise of 500m, dropping you right in amongst the good stuff.

So long as the tows are spinning, you’ll find plenty of skiing available no matter the conditions.

People enjoying the sun on the CV ridge line.
Enjoying a beer in the sun up at CV skifield.

Join the Craigieburn Club!

Hang out with people like you. Share yarns after a massive day on the slopes. Make it all tick so that everyone has a ridiculously amazing time this winter. We warmly welcome new members.

Summit members get 50% off lift tickets and accommodation.

As a Craigieburn Clubbie, you’ll help with pre-season preparation for the coming ski season. Work parties are just that – they are fantastic social events, a chance to meet other like-minded club members and a great excuse to spend a day in the mountains. The road, all the facilities on the field and around the huts have been built and maintained by club members' efforts.
The Thirsty Kea Bar at Craigieburn Loadge
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