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Club membership – we’re all mates (unless it’s a powder day!)

The Craigieburn community having fun.

Join the CV family

Club fields like Craigieburn Valley exist because of our dedicated, long-term members. People like you, who just love the good times and the good feels that come from hanging out in the mountains with likeminded folk.

We love new members! Every year our lifers are joined by a fresh crew of keen skiers and boarders, and that’s what keeps life interesting here.

Everybody can commit at different levels, and we totally get that. We have three levels of membership, so simply choose what works for you.

And in return, you’ll enjoy heavily discounted lift tickets and accommodation, and a bevy of new friends for life.  

Apply here to become a member.

Membership types

We have three levels of membership, social, base and summit:
Social members enjoy the social benefits of being involved in the club, and receive the club newsletter. This level of membership is intended for members who wish to keep in contact with the club while not actively participating. For example travelling overseas, or injured. No discount for lift tickets and accommodation.

Base membership costs $150p/a and gets 32.5% discounts on lift passes and accommodation, as well as the benefits of a social membership. A base member can buy a season pass for $450.

Summit membership costs $150p/a and completes 2 work parties per year, or our buy out option (cost of $300). Summit members get a 50% discount on lift tickets and accommodation, and can buy a season pass for $350. All work parties carried out for the club counts towards summit membership or is reimbursed in the form of token/vouchers for accommodation or skiing.

2023 we have added more flexibility on how to use your work parties credits
Additional work parties = one token/voucher. One token/voucher can be redeemed for either $100 off a season pass, or a day ski ticket or one nights accomodation which includes dinner, bed and breakfast. 10 hours work in town is counted as one token/voucher. Unless requested otherwise a Base member is the default position is to use the first two work parties to become a Summit member. Non members can do a work party and use token/voucher on day ski tickets (max 2).
  • Social membership is intended to help people remain part of the club and keep in contact, while they may not be as actively participating for example travelling overseas.
  • Social membership is $25 (incl GST) and is due April 30th
  • Social members do not receive the same discount structure as base members but receive a copy of the ‘Tow-line’ newsletter (by email)
  • Social members may also upgrade their membership at any time by paying the applicable subs (and work requirements if attaining summit status, providing work party places are available)
  • Receive approximately 32.5% discount off non-member ski/ accommodation rates when presenting membership card at the ticket office
  • May purchase a season pass
  • Have voting rights at the AGM etc (subject to age)
  • Receive the ‘Tow-line’ newsletter
  • Summit status is attained by completing two full-day work parties. Alternatively, members may make a payment in lieu of completing each full-day work party, our buy out option $300.
  • Under 13 members need only complete one full work party to attain summit status
  • Receive approximately 50% discount off non-member ski/ accommodation rates when presenting membership card at the ticket office
  • Have voting rights at the AGM etc (subject to age)
  • Earn ski and accommodation vouchers for subsequent work parties (i.e. after the first two)
  • Receive the ‘Tow-line’ newsletter
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Enjoying a beer in the sun up at CV skifield.

Application to join the ski club

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CV members getting stuck into helping at the club.

How it all works.

Membership card
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Upon payment of subscriptions, members will be issued with membership cards (early payment of subs will ensure you have your card prior to opening day!)
Bring your membership card every time you come up and present it to the ticket office to receive your discount. If you forget your card, the ticket officer will charge you the full rate, but you can write to the administrator to receive a refund for the difference - email or post PO Box 2152, Christchurch.

Work Parties
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- An ‘in town’ work party is a half-work party unless specified by the committee in advance.
- Additional work party days may be purchased at the rate of $125/day per Adult or $75/day per Child to attain sufficient credit towards Privileged member status. This is not available in the first year of membership

Work party vouchers
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- Each additional work party day (beyond the minimum two required to attain privileged membership) earns one ski voucher or one ski or accommodation voucher, valid for two years unless specified by the committee in advance
- Work party vouchers are not transferable, except between spouses and bone-fide partners

Season passes
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- A season pass can be bought by any club member
- Need to be paid for by May 31st
- Season passes are not refundable nor transferable

Student benefits
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- Students pay $25 subscription a year to belong to the CV club
- Because we know you are a student we wavier the $50 initial fee
- You get to ride or ski all season for $150

Young family benefits
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- Ski passes are non-transferable, except where two adult members with children may purchase one family pass that enables the two adults to share skiing and child care responsibilities
-  The family pass is valued at the higher rate of the two members, plus $10
Please note: this pass has been designed to make skiing more affordable for families. Only one person can ski at a time – please respect this rule.

Subscription rates
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- Where payment is made prior to April 30th, subscriptions are set at $150 (incl GST)
- After April 30th, subscriptions will be $175 (incl GST)
- New members require approval from the committee, which can take up to 5 weeks
- New members are also required to pay an administration fee of $50 in addition to the subscription
- Subscriptions earn ‘ordinary membership,’ and further work is required to attain ‘privileged member’ status

Skinning up to the ridge line where the Craigieburn day lodge is. One of the highest cafes in Craigieburn mountain range.

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