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MFC Freeride Camp at Craigieburn

The Craigieburn Youth Freerider's took on 'hearty NZ snow conditions' on the first day of MFC's 2022 Freeride camp.

The day started off with two test laps to gain understanding of the conditions and snow. Rotations then started which educated the team around avalanche tranceivers, identifying and locating dangers and how to prepare for unexpected situations in the mountains. Diving straight into the terrain, the 3 teams traversed round Hamiltons face where they then took off on foot up to 'Allans Col', in search of fresh powder. 'The Remarkables' run took the skiers through '8th Gut' which started off the intense day with chutes, drops and incredible powder. The 3 teams (10-13yo, 13-14yo, 16-19yo) were focusing on turning technique and skiing to conditions to develop knowledge in the snow before delving into more specific skills after lunch.

Lunch showed many burgers and toasties being devoured by hungry, hard working young skiers. The weather quickly took a 360, the wind strongly picked up, creating snow flurries and the light dramatically flattened. The determined skiers got straight back on the rope tow and continued to shred what was left of the day. Challenges occurred along with the sour weather, creating icy and lumpy conditions for the skiers to use as an important learning opportunity. Coaches encouraged skiers by explaining how the gnarly conditions would prepare them to ski any terrain!

The epic day wrapped up with hand made jumps next to the Craigieburn Lodge while dinner and beers were whipped up. The jump session showed strong effort, bravery, support and participation from all kids involved in the successful day. Finally a warm meal and hot showers satisfied the kids and we concluded the day with a relaxing stretch to prepare the kids for an even better tomorrow!!

Huge shoutout to the team at MCF for putting on this amazing event!!

Craig Murray, Charlie Murray, Fiona Murray, Jamesa Hampton, Miguel Porteous, Kenji Bolkholt, Nick Pascoe.